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Oliebronnen in Mongolië

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This tiny company just found out its sitting on %2451 billion worth of Stalins lost crude

Thanks to a world-changing Cold War blunder, you have one brief window to bank 180 times your money on their $1.44 shares


Dear Reader,

In 1940, Soviet geologist Yu. S. Jelubovsky discovered an untapped oil field in Mongolia.

It wasn't a world-changing find, but it meant the Russians were the first on the scene of what could become the world's next massive oil resource...

So what did the Russians do?

They immediately moved in and negotiated a Russian-favored pact with the naïve Mongols known as the MongolNeft trust.

What Mongolia thought was going to hand them all the oil they could ever use ended up providing them with a mere 20% of the petroleum they needed for daily operations.

The rest went to Mother Russia.

Stalin and his cohorts had pulled the wool over Mongolia's eyes...

Needless to say, the Russians harbored little respect for the country they viewed as a mere extension of themselves, ripe for the pillaging.

Their epic fleecing of the Mongols even led to the creation of a national joke:

"Kuritsa ne ptitsa, Mongolina ne zagranitsa."

That's Russian written out in English characters, and directly translated, it means: "Chicken is not a bird, and Mongolia is not across the border."

But for all of Russia's dominance, they were about to make an unprecedented mistake.

When oil fields were discovered in closer, more accessible Siberia, the Russians turned their fossil fuel attentions there instead of furthering exploration in Mongolia.

This is where it gets interesting...

Some time after Stalin died, it was determined that Mongolia holds 6 billion barrels of crude oil.

This isn't some wishful prediction, either. According to the Beijing Review, "Mongolia boasts huge verified natural resource reserves: 6 billion barrels of oil."

And recently, the Prime Minister of Mongolia echoed that fact.

Stalin, a man who controlled everything in his path, was too shortsighted to tap into the true heart of Mongolia's petroleum wealth.

In fact, in 19 years of drilling and refining, the Russians only managed to pull a mere 7 million barrels of oil from the ground.

So, whether it was ill-advised exploration due to the authoritative mandates of a proud Stalin, faulty technology, or poor drilling practices...

The Russians left behind a HUGE amount of oil.

And that's why I'm writing to you today...

Because the oil that Stalin didn't drill for is about to make a handful of folks very rich in the coming months...

You see, there's one $1.44-per-share company that has its hands on 91 times more Mongolian oil than Mother Russia ever extracted:


Even better, that 638 million barrels is only a fraction of what this company actually owns.

That figure is just the proven reserves from a single one of their properties.

They also have rights to two other prime chunks of land in addition to the one I've been telling you about — and both have the very same, oil-promising geography as the first.

You see, this company is Mongolian, so they've been getting the choice tracts of land.

So there's no real telling just how much oil they're actually sitting on. It could be 1 billion barrels... 2 billion barrels... or even half of the entire country's reserves.

Either way, just on the proven reserves alone — 10% of all the oil in Mongolia — shares of this company are set to absolutely explode.

Not only that, but this oil could change Mongolia's petroleum future forever...

And I've uncovered the document that proves it...

1991: A history-changing report surfaced in the oil industry

It gave in-depth details of 150 exploratory oil studies conducted by Soviet, Hungarian, Romanian, German, and Polish geologists between 1939 and 1989.

It also showed that these studies were done in a country few people had ever thought to look for oil: Mongolia.

These geologists found that some of the oil-rich sedimentary basins of North China extended across the border and into southern Mongolia.

As you can imagine, a report of this magnitude didn't exactly fly under the radar.

In fact companies lined up in droves to get their hands on this report, despite its extreme price tag...

According to the New York Times: The report, at $45,000 a copy, has become something of a best seller in the oil industry...

Thankfully, I know an insider in the business who was willing to share this report with me so I didn't have to shell out the 45 grand.

Of course, once I had it in hand, reading it was another matter... Turns out, I also needed a translator to help me make out the text:


If you were fluent in Asian languages, this first page of the Mongolian section would have revealed to you the basic timeline of the report's research about the nation's oil reserves...

For years, companies have used the information in this report in attempts to find the biggest oil deposits Mongolia has to offer.

Now, nearly two decades later — after endless data interpretation, area mapping, and 3D seismic surveys — the results are finally in.

And the findings are nothing short of remarkable...

Along the western border of Mongolia sits an oil-rich field roughly the size of Connecticut.

The oil is plentiful and easily accessible. It isn't under 5,000 feet of sea water, buried deep inside a mountain range, or even in hard-to-process oil sands...

It's just below the Earth's surface — in conventional, easy-to-drill deposits.

And here's the real kicker...

One tiny, under-the-radar company owns it all.

That's right. Thanks to early foresight few others had, this $1.44 micro-cap controls every last drop of the 638 million barrels of oil that have been discovered in this region...

They own all the rights to $51 billion worth of easily accessible oil.

For a $1.44-per-share company, it's the discovery of a lifetime.

For you, it could mean earning 180 times your money within the year...

2010: Russia's petroleum chokehold on Mongolia ends...

Once the Russians abandoned the MongolNeft trust and flocked to oil-rich Siberia, Mongolian oil supply went with them.

Even though they were sitting on billions of barrels of their own crude, Mongolia was almost completely reliant on the Russians for oil by 1969.

In fact to this day, Mongolia imports 90% of its oil from a single Russian company.

Talk about having your hands tied.

Over just a three-month period, the company that supplies this oil, Roseneft, increased the price of oil twice — by an average of 20% each time.

"This comes on top of surging prices," reports Michael Auslin of the Wall Street Journal, "that, since 2006, have pushed inflation in Mongolia to over 15% annually."

And that's not even the extent of it. Russia then hits Mongolia with excise taxes, customs taxes, automobile taxes, and transportation and storage costs...

When all is said and done, according to the National Statistics Office, Mongolia spends roughly 28% of ALL its money on oil from Russia.

Put simply, Mongolia spends more on Russian oil each year than it earns from its primary export, copper.

The chokehold Russia has on Mongolia's economy has become so tight the country can barely breathe...

But that's about to change in a hurry.

Check it out:


It's a block of text from the same report I showed you earlier.

It details how the Petroleum Law of Mongolia was ratified in 1991. In the words of the report, this law "established a legal foundation for new development of petroleum exploration in Mongolia."

It was a huge step toward gaining oil independence from Russia.

The best part? This oil is already sold...

And because of this, the small-cap oil company I've just discovered is about to make themselves — and you — quite rich over the coming months.

2011: China has $30 billion on the table for this company's oil

Mongolia isn't the only country that Russia has “held hostage” for oil...

China relies on Russia for 80% of its annual imports — 1.38 billion barrels every year.

In fact China was importing so much Russian oil that they chipped in for a pipeline linking the Russian city of Skovorodino to the northeast city of Daqing, China.

A cheaper alternative, the pipeline will transport 15 million tons of crude annually from Russia to China between now and 2030...

However, even with such a system in place, any oil China could possibly get by cheaper means would be an economic boon for them.

That's why, when Mongolia emerged as having a substantial amount of oil, China immediately jumped into the mix.

According to research of my boots-on-the-ground analyst (whom you're about to meet) has uncovered, I figure they've got as much as $30 billion on the table, just waiting for the Mongolians to begin extracting oil from their fields.

Heck, they've already established an export route for it. Literally seconds after the oil is barreled up, it could be on trucks bound for China.

Once again, it looks like Mongolia is getting played for its oil.

Instead of using the petroleum for their own needs, Mongolia has been lured by big dollar figures to once again part with its much-needed oil.

Whether it's a smart endeavor or another show of Mongolian naiveté remains to be seen...

But one thing is for certain — it's no longer a pipedream on some paper report.

Oil extraction in Mongolia is going to happen.

And now that the frigid Mongolian winter has passed, the tiny oil company I've been telling you about is set to get under way — as early as this month.

But, as soon as people realize what's happening — and early birds start sucking up shares — the "clearance rack" price you have a chance to get in on right now will be gone.

Right now is the time to strike.

Wait so much as a month, and you could find yourself once again wishing you had made a move to capture the incredible oil riches at your fingertips.

That's why, right now, I'm about to tell you exactly who this company is...

Today: You learn the ticker symbol of the Mongolian oil firm that could make you rich

There's one all-encompassing reason this company is positioned to make you wealthy...

Put very simply, they have everything that no one else does.

These guys are sitting on top of $51 billion of what is probably the easiest-to-access oil in the world.

In fact their biggest oil targets have been found to be a mere 500 to 2,000 meters below the earth's surface.

Compare that with the Tupi oil discovery in Brazil several years back...

It was touted as the largest oil discovery in the Western Hemisphere in the last 30 years.

The thing is, the oil from this particular discovery was much harder to get to than the oil I've been telling you about in Mongolia.

The Tupi oil was more than 2,100 meters under water.

And once you got past that, you'd have had to drill through another 2,000 meters of hardened salt and 4,800 meters of sand and rocks.

That's a process no one would describe as easy or cheap. But it didn't stop people from making dream paydays.

The companies involved made billions — not to mention millions for wise investors.

BG Group, an early player, shot up more than 500% seemingly overnight.


Petrobras went from a lowly $1.90 per share to nearly $72 as investors cashed in left and right.


But even bigger paydays are on the horizon again — in Mongolia.

This time, you could practically get to the oil with a shovel.

That's why...

2,000% gains would be child's play with a stock like this

The thing you have to realize is that while oil exploration in Mongolia is decades old, oil production is not.

While geologists, reports, and exploration results all point to massive oil just below Mongolia's surface, the practice of extracting the oil there is in its infancy.

But as with any massive oil discovery, it's not those who arrive late to the party that rake in all the dough — for themselves and their investors...

It's those who discover the oil and stake a claim to it that stand to hand you 20 times your money — or more.

After all, you can't exactly drill for oil unless you know someone who has the technology to assess where the biggest deposits are...

And even then, they don't exactly give that information out for free.

It costs big bucks to get your hands on someone else's oil.

That's why the exploration companies who find themselves sitting on game-changing oil fields come out far, far ahead of the pack.

Of course, as I told you, the company I'm telling you about isn't sitting on enough oil to put Mongolia atop the list of world's biggest oil reserves...

But they ARE sitting on enough oil to change the course of history — as I've shown you.

And when that happens, everyone makes money.

I mean, take a glance at a company like CGG Veritas.

For years, they've been widely regarded as one of the most prolific oil exploration experts in the world.

But it wasn't always that way...

Much like the company I'm telling you about right now, these guys were once small players in a HUGE market.

Their share price was under $3 as they snuck up on the competition and took advantage of their knowledge during the years of America's shale boom, a situation similar to the period that's looming large in Mongolia right now.


In the blink of an eye, the share price shot up to more than $48 and some lucky folks who knew what was going to happen found themselves cashing in for astounding 2,422% gains.

The same thing happened in Canada with a company called Smith International.

They were first on the scene in what would eventually become a historic oil discovery — enough petroleum to immediately rank Canada second on the world oil reserves list.

Those who were savvy enough to see this situation coming (or lucky enough to have been tipped off to it) got in on riches so great they could've bought as many houses, boats, and cars as they ever wanted to — even retired decades early.

And it certainly didn't take a big investment... Just a couple hundred bucks out of the savings account could have turned into $92,022 seemingly overnight.

Take a look for yourself:


The stock shot from a mere $0.44 to over $80. That's a gain of 18,304%.

Gains like that turn $200 into $36,809...

$500 into $92,022...

$1,500 into $276,068.

I mean, just think what those who sunk 10 grand into Smith International did with their winnings...

What would you do with an extra $1.8 million dollars?

The thing is, a very similar situation is happening in Mongolia.

 The chance to secure the kinds of riches I've been telling you about are very real...

Right now, just like the savvy Smith International investors, you have a chance to bank 180 times your money

If you didn't already know, my name is Brian Hicks.

I'm the President of Angel Publishing, a Baltimore-based consortium of world-class alternative financial minds that produce a stable of investment research advisory products with a track record that's second to none.

If you've heard my name, it's probably from my frequent appearances on TV as a money and markets commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox News...

Or maybe you've read some of my regular commentary in the Wealth Daily e-letter...

Or perhaps you've read my book, Profit From the Peak.

Now, I bring this all up not to brag; but simply to show you that I've been making a living in the financial research commentary industry for a long time now.

I've been in the trenches of it for more than 15 years, actually.

Over that time, I've learned that of all the ways in the world to make money, the absolute best is locating ridiculously underpriced opportunities...

And the oil situation I've been telling you about just so happens to be one of those opportunities — probably the best I've seen in nearly a decade.

While others are turning their heads, I always make sure I'm looking straight on.

I don't want to miss out on tens (even hundreds) of thousands of dollars because of what everyone else is doing.

That's why I'm pounding the table on the $1.44-per-share company I'm writing to you about...

It's one of the best opportunities I've ever seen to profit from the oil market.

But as I mentioned earlier, once investors start scrambling to grab up shares, some smart folks (like you) could already be in position to make 180 times your money.

The thing you should be asking yourself at this point isn't, "When should I move on this?"

It's "How do I move on this RIGHT NOW?"

Well, that's the easy, fast, and risk-free part.

But before I give you the specifics, I want to tell you...

Why I hired "The Hammer" to find the Mongolian oil play that could pay you 180x returns or more

"The Hammer" may sound like a nickname better suited for a boxing champion than an investment guru...

But if you've ever met the guy, you'd understand how much sense the moniker makes.

His real name is Christian DeHaemer (though I almost never call him that), and his last name actually means "The Hammer" in his ancestors' native tongue.

Whatever you decide to call him, "The Hammer" is a grizzled profit veteran I hired to dig up the inside details on the world's most underground profit stories.

He's a serious man — a U.S. military-trained fortune-seeker with a vast network of worldwide contacts in business and intelligence circles.

I mean, you don't find out "the dirt" on a tiny Mongolian oil company half a world away without having some top notch friends in high places.

And I'm not just saying this...

I have e-mails sitting in my inbox right now that prove how "The Hammer" navigates through his circle of "friends" to obtain the biggest money secrets out there.

910_side1aI've know the guy for more than 15 years — and I've seen first-hand how he's made his way through hazardous places like Egypt, Cuba, Libya, Israel, and Tunisia in pursuit of profits no one else even knows exist.

He's made tons of cash exploiting opportunities in some of the hottest crisis zones on Earth.

That's why I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, there's no one I'd rather have on this particular story than "The Hammer".

I went so far as to bait him away from the well-known investment research firm he's spent the last 14 years tracking down huge gains for...

And some of those winners are eye-popping:


I know I don't even have to explain how incredible some of those gains are...

And those are just a few of the ones I found when looking over a track record I almost couldn't believe...

Triple-digit win after triple-digit win lined the spreadsheet.

It's why I was thrilled when he called me up (long-distance of course) and told me what he had discovered in Mongolia...

By the time I saw him in the office again, he already had a report written on the matter.

"This was just too good," he told me. "I had to write it up on the plane ride home."

I read it immediately, and I have to agree with "The Hammer"... If all his data is correct — and it always is — this could very well be the oil play of the century.

Forget any amazing rags-to-riches oil tales you've heard before. You could be telling one three times as good by this time next year.

That's because I'd like to share "The Hammer's" report with you, free of charge.

It's called 18,000% Gains: Last-Chance Oil Profits in Mongolia.

And you read that right. I said I'm going to show you this report for FREE.

Why would I disclose such valuable information for nothing?

Well, because...

Uncovering these wealth opportunities as they arise is going to be "The Hammer's" full-time job from now on

When the situation calls for it, I'll fly him into every "hot zone" in the world where the potential for huge gains exists. He'll get the story, boots on the ground...

Then I'm going to publish them in Crisis & Opportunity — a brand-new monthly investment research advisory service launched by Angel Publishing and edited by "The Hammer" himself.

I have zero doubt that in short order, this letter will make its way up the chain of the best performing advisory services in the country.

I fully expect "The Hammer" to replicate the success he's proven he's capable of.

And I'd like you to be one of the first to take a sneak peek at what he has to offer in the brand-new Crisis & Opportunity.

In exchange for your "test-drive" and feedback, I'm going to send you "The Hammer's 18,000% Gains: Last-Chance Oil Profits in Mongolia, absolutely free of charge.

This bulletin, right here, is your chance to take a look at this first-of-its-kind, zero-risk and satisfaction-guaranteed service.

And the free report I'm going to send you isn't all you'll have access to. You'll also have exclusive rights to:

And let's not forget the FREE and immediate opportunity to bank 180 times your money courtesy of "The Hammer's" special report, 18,000% Gains: Last-Chance Oil Profits in Mongolia...

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Should you decide to take this trial to Crisis & Opportunity (in exchange for the FREE special report), you'll get first crack at the absolutely mammoth profits that could be in store for you — as much as 180 times your money.

Not only that, but you'll have inside access to all the other profit stories "The Hammer" uncovers.

In a second, I'll show you how simple it is to sign up for Crisis & Opportunity and get this FREE report.

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It's a time-sensitive situation that requires timely action.

So, without further delay, let me show you exactly what you need to do to claim your FREE special report...

18,000% gains aren't a pipedream when you know what "The Hammer" knows

For most analysts, it would be truly absurd to think they could uncover an opportunity that could legitimately pay you 180 times your money...

But when I say "The Hammer" has uncovered what looks to be the biggest oil story of the last decade, I'm not exaggerating.

This is the best chance I've ever seen at easy, fast profits — especially in a market as unpredictable as oil.

This really could be the score every investor sits around and waits for.

For some, it takes years. For others, decades...

910_side2aMost will never see it in their lives.

But you will, if you listen to me — and "The Hammer" — today.

I'm serious. Your chance to retire on the spot is staring you right in the face. All you have to do is seize the opportunity and run with it.

It's like something out of a storybook. If I were dreaming up a perfect environment for banking the biggest profits most of us have ever seen...

The current opportunity in Mongolia is damn close to what that dream would look like.

And if you're still reading, you must agree...

You'll also agree that I could justifiably charge an absolute fortune for this information.

Think about it:

How many independent investment research outfits have the connections and clout to arrange short-notice, one-on-one meetings with banking, government, and business insiders in the most lucrative emerging markets on Earth?

Not many — if any.

What do you think a big-name hedge fund manager would charge you for a private consultation revealing what stands to be the most lucrative investment opportunity of our time?

$100,000? Maybe half of that, if you're lucky?

Yes, I know exactly how much I could charge for this information...

I'm WELL aware.

But I'm not going to charge anywhere near that much. It just doesn't make sense to charge an arm and leg just so ten people have access to information that stands to change their lives.

910_side3I want everyone to have a fair shot...

So I charge a mere $999.

Of course, I know despite the incredible value here, $999 may still seem like a lot of money...

That's why I'm also offering a special quarterly payment option. 

For just $279 every three months, you can enjoy the very same benefits and receive the very same information I've been telling you about...

But like I also told you before...

You're not on the hook for a thing. This is merely a test-drive.

Should you decide Crisis & Opportunity simply isn't for you, that's fine.

But I'm positive that won't be the case. After all, you'll have 30 days to decide. That's a full month.

Not only will you have full membership privileges to Crisis & Opportunity during that time, but you'll also immediately receive the free report, 18,000% Gains: Last-Chance Oil Profits in Mongolia, straight from the desk of "The Hammer".

Keep in mind that this report, any alerts you receive, and any other intelligence you gather during those 30 days is yours to keep — even in the event that you decide to cancel during your trial period.

It's 100% risk- and obligation-free. There couldn't be a better deal on the table, to be quite honest.

I mean, for the sake of your own future, you must sign up — even if you fully intend to collect the refund — and put some cash into this little-known $1.44 oil company before everyone else does.

THEN you can decide whether or not to stay on for the long haul.

You're not paying a cent for the information that could make you 180 times richer.

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That's because there's ALWAYS the chance to make huge gains somewhere in the world on crisis, strife, and political transformations...

And with "The Hammer's" clear and concise instructions, it couldn't be easier to tap into these for riches beyond your wildest dreams.

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910_sid4I'll bet that in no time, you'll consider it stealing to be paying us only $999 for the Crisis & Opportunity bundle of services and benefits.

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The simple, risk-free guarantee I spelled out for you earlier is just as simple and obligation-free as it sounds.

Just under a thousand bucks buys you the best emerging markets investment analysis and guidance you'll ever receive.

Or you get your money back anytime within 30 days.

I will say this, though: If you knew how much money I've fronted to lure "The Hammer" away from his home of 14 years...

Not to mention the cash I shelled out sending him halfway around the world on a Mongolian profit-finding mission...

You'd understand why I can't guarantee this $999-a-year price on Crisis & Opportunity will stay this low for very long.

Right now, we're offering this as an introductory price. But there's no telling how long this offer will last...

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So right now is decision time for you.

I've done everything I can to make that decision a no-brainer.

I've shown you a $1.44-per-share company that owns $51 billion worth of easily accessible oil and how it could help you bank 180 times your money.

I've also offered you 30 full days of risk-free access to all of Crisis & Opportunity's services and benefits — including "The Hammer's" special report, 18,000% Gains: Last-Chance Oil Profits in Mongolia, that I'm going to send you free of charge.

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Now it's up to you...

If it's worth letting me hold your $999 while you get the inside information that could easily bank you 180 times your money, then click on the link below...


Yours in Profit,

Brian Hicks
President, Angel Publishing

P.S. Sign up right now and I'll send you an additional FREE report on two other HUGE profit opportunities that "The Hammer" uncovered while he was in Mongolia, and it has nothing to do with oil...

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