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springende dolfijnen

Lievelingsdier voor velen, voorstellingen gevend in dolfinaria, gebruikt als therapeut voor (geestelijk) gehandicapten etc., etc.

Lees de makkelijk leesbare, mooi geïllustreerde, beknopte introductie over het Wie, Wat, Waar van dolfijnen.
Natuurlijk geeft Wikipedia ook veel overzichtsinformatie.

Maar velen maken zich er zorgen over dat wilde dolfijnen op wrede wijze worden gevangen om in onze dolfinaria verder in gevangenschap te moeten leven.... of - vaker nog - jammerlijk om te komen. Lees er hieronder meer over en teken de petitie van Avaaz tegen de dolfijnenjacht.

Dear friends,

The pod was swimming peacefully in Samoa when nets closed in from behind -- trapping 25 wild dolphins for a luxury resort's latest exhibit. They are now locked in tiny pens, starved of food -- but we can free them.

For wild dolphins captivity is torture, their powerful sonar bounces off the walls back at them -- as if they are trapped in an endless house of mirrors. Most die young from stress induced illness, but some even commit suicide. If the wealthy Resorts World Sentosa succeeds in keeping them captive then half the dolphins will die in the first 2 years -- and it will legitimise the widely banned practice of capturing dolphins in the wild. We can’t let that happen -- let's use our voices to set them free.

Resorts World was forced to abandon plans for a whale shark exhibit two years ago because of the huge outcry that threatened their reputation. Let’s build a massive call now to free these intelligent, beautiful creatures -- and make this a turning point in the fight to end the global wild-dolphin trade. When we reach 500,000 our petition will be delivered to Resorts World and the media. Sign now and forward this to everyone:

The appallingly cruel wild-dolphin industry has been banned in nations from the UK to Costa Rica. The terrifying capture process involves driving the dolphins to shallow water, where up to half drown or die of their injuries before they are even caught. If we force Resorts World to free these wild dolphins now it will send a powerful message to all other resorts, and help break the back of the capture industry. We can also give these dolphins a second chance in life -- renowned dolphin expert Ric O’Barry has offered to rehabilitate them back into the wild.

Resorts World argues that their “interactive spa program” will help heal sick and disabled children – but there is no scientific evidence to support this technique, which sees desperate parents pay thousands in pursuit of an imaginary cure. They also claim their programs aid conservation – but dolphin capture drives are also hunting expeditions. The “display-worthy” dolphins are spared, while the others are butchered. By ordering wild-caught dolphins, Resorts World is driving up demand for these barbaric hunts.

The trade of wild-captured dolphins must end. The world is moving slowly but surely in this direction, and our intervention could set a valuable precedent. Resorts World has buckled under pressure before, and it can’t afford another hit to its image. Let’s join our voices urgently to free the world’s saddest dolphins, and win a crucial battle in the fight to save all wild dolphins from short, miserable lives in captivity. Sign now and send this to family and friends:

Wild dolphins are incredibly playful, social and caring, as well as extremely intelligent -- they are utterly captivating creatures. In the world we all wish for, dolphins are not hunted, trapped and broken -- they are treated with the respect that all life deserves. Today, as we work for their freedom, we are taking a small but important step towards making that world a reality.

With hope,

Ricken, Ben, Morgan, Bobbi, Alice, Shibayan and the whole Avaaz team


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Lees de makkelijk leesbare, mooi geïllustreerde, beknopte introductie over het Wie, Wat, Waar van dolfijnen.
Natuurlijk geeft Wikipedia ook veel overzichtsinformatie.
Er is ook een startpagina voor dolfijnen
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U bent hier: inhoudsopgave - onze aarde - fauna -dolfijnen

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